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This week we had the pleasure of talking to Kelly Payne, The Embroidery Nurse. We discussed how going the extra mile really makes you stand out from the crowd. She knows a thing or two about going to extra mile.

  1. Packaging! Make sure your packaging goes with your brand. Mailers can come in a multitude of colors to go with your brand. Cellophane bags with ribbon and tissue makes it easy for the customer to give gifts! Always have a sticker to add on, to tie it all together. There are so many places to buy stickers and packaging in bulk online. Presentation is everything.
  2. Thank you notes in your order. The heart felt thank you reminds your customer that they are working with a small business. This will keep them coming back knowing they are appreciated.
  3. Of course, Never forget Social Media! Kelly is a social media phenom! She has amassed quite the following on YouTube. If you would like to see some of her work go follow her here. Create your brand and keep it the same across all social media platforms. Engage with your customers and keep them wanting more whether its tutorial videos, new content or just a good question and answer session. People want to know the person behind the brand. Don’t be afraid to get out there! Customers usually look at your social media before they buy, so keep it up to date. Also, if you can plan your posts out ahead of time that will save you time and you will be ahead of the game.

Watch this Tutorial on Growing Your Business with Social Media!

If you put some of these tips to use, please let us know at the EEM Connect Facebook group. We would love to hear what you use to go the extra mile with your customers. Have a very Happy New Year!