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Sellers and Makers
Sellers and Makers
Lisa Shaw

Whether you’re an embroidery enthusiast, a creative entrepreneur, or simply someone who appreciates the power of turning passion into profit, get ready for an insightful and inspiring conversation with Lisa Shaw on the Sellers and Makers Podcast.

Lisa’s dedication to this community is unparalleled. She understands the challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs and has made it her mission to provide them with the knowledge, support, and resources needed to succeed. Her commitment to nurturing a thriving creative ecosystem has earned her a reputation as a trusted mentor and advisor.

With her extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry, Lisa is a sought-after speaker at conferences, workshops, and events, where she shares her expertise and inspires others to turn their creative passions into profitable businesses. We hope you enjoy this episode of Sellers and Makers with Lisa Shaw!

To find her you can go to Welcome! – Bubbles’ Menagerie Machine Embroidery (