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In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Barbara Chatelain and Courtney Douthat of Allbrands. It is a family owned and operated business bringing you all your machine needs and then some!

We were delighted to learn about the Brothers Scan N Cut, what it can do and how it compares to other cutting machines. The Scan N Cut really seems to do it all. A neat attribute (that really it says in its name) that you can easily pick out any image you want and just scan it in. The machine turns it into the file it needs to cut. If you’re looking into a cutting machine you should really check it out. Courtney has some great tutorials on everything Scan n Cut. 

Ornament Tutorial here!

One of the biggest tips they shared is how you need a reputable dealer for your big machine purchases. They help with not only picking out the right machine but also assist in trouble shooting machine issues, machine service and maintenance and maybe even some warranty information. Help keep the machine bunnies at bay. Go check them out at ALLBRANDS.COM